Panzeri accelerates its presence on the American market through the acquisition of Luxxbox

A new international brand joins the Group for an even more effective interpretation of comfort with light, in a combination of design and quality focused on people's well-being.

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432 Ways to be light

432 possible combinations for an iconic product, available in 3 sizes, that fits easily into any type of public or private environment.

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Pop up Store Panzeri in Rinascente Milano – Design week 2024

Panzeri inaugurated the Milan Design Week 2024 by taking part in the Lights-On! partnership project organised by Rinascente, showcasing its most iconic products and manufacturing skills in the POP UP store on the sixth floor of the historic Palazzo with Duomo view.

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Roma: a timeless history

In the evocative setting of the Listone Giordano Arena, Panzeri presented Roma to an audience of architects and lighting designers. A reflection on the aesthetic canon of the classical Roman column, more than a luminous body born from the collaboration with architect Alessandro Scandurra.

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Neuro Nature: high tech, design and sustainability of living

In the evocative setting of Listone Giordano Arena goes on stage Neuro Nature, an entirely new immersive sensory journey.

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Panzeri lights up Casa Baglioni in Milan

Casa Baglioni is the new elegant flagship of Milanese hospitality. Located in a 1913 Art Nouveau building a few steps from the Brera district, it was designed by the Spagnulo & Partners architecture firm, which oversaw the creation of the interiors inspired by Milanese 1960s art and design.

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Piermarini Lighting Project: a project for the city of Milan

A project for the City, to give the lighting element that magic that transforms the architecture into a monumental, symbolic, identity place.

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Venexia wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020.

Venexia, included in the short list of the Lighting section, conquered the jury with its essential profile, ranking among the winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020.

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A new prize for Tubino Plus at the German Design Awards

A “Special Mention” in the Excellent Product Design - Lighting category was awarded to the Tubino Plus table lamp, designed for Panzeri by Matteo Thun.

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Panzeri at “Le Vie del Compasso d’Oro”

On the wake of the appreciation received for the three previous editions, the appointment with "Le Vie del Compasso d'Oro" is renewed, an event organized by ADI Lombardia from 10 September to 31 January.

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On the skin of objects: the finishes by Panzeri

Thanks to exclusive finishes, Panzeri products combine timeless shapes and advanced technological solutions with aesthetic quality and unparalleled durability.

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Lamps by Panzeri receive a Red Dot Design Award

Once again, Panzeri has made its mark with two products at the latest Red Dot Design Awards ceremony by winning two awards in the Product Design category with its Bella and Firefly in the Sky lamps.

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Panzeri. A renewed identity

Giving space to light and creativity even during the most difficult times, and firmly believing in the shared value of research and innovation, has always been part of Panzeri's history.

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Panzeri teams up with Listone Giordano at the Arena Space in Milan

A new exhibition channel for the lighting company Panzeri, which inaugurates a partnership with Listone Giordano and introduces its collection of lamps and architectural systems at the Listone Giordano Arena in Milan, between Via San Damiano and Via Santa Cecilia.

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Panzeri 2019: abroad and on the rise

In the name of “We Make Light”, the company has explored new lighting and collaboration territories amidst beneficial foreign sales.

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We choose the most reliable technologies to stay in control

Too much technology? No, not if it improves our well-being.

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What is the relationship between architectural and decorative light?

Clearly, it is about following a storyline. Yet I think that a fine-tuned relationship can offer so much poetry and functionality… Your design studios’ assignment is extremely interesting and requires specific skills. What narrative entices you? (Livia Peraldo, Elle Decor)

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Archiproducts Design Awards for lighting to Tubino Plus

ADAs are awards that provide an up-to-date vision of the international design trends.

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Can vertical forests improve people’s lives?

Absorbing CO2 to return oxygen to the air we breathe: it’s something all we can do.

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BigSee Product Design Award 2019 to the design of Viisi

The prize that encourages a development of creative economy through design.

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Panzeri for Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Panzeri lamps in the temporary hotel signed by Matteo Thun and Marco Bay.

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Acoustic Lighting for improved comfort and productivity

Open-plan offices continue to be a reference model, especially for tech start-ups and innovative companies. How can we make these environments comfortable?

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Mankind and nature at the heart of architecture and design

Not just a fad, but a necessity: Buildings designed in harmony with both user and environment.

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Video: Light and Shapes – A story by Panzeri and Matteo Thun

The video that invites change and simplicity, presenting the Firefly in the Sky and Tubino lamps.

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Culture and Design, Federico Panzeri: “Our contribution to ADI”

Make lighting in Italy to spread the excellence of our companies.

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Matteo Thun explains Tubino: ‘no design’ and sustainability

Tubino, an adjustable light. A fruit of researching balance and proportion between cylinders.

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Matteo Thun explains ‘Firefly in the sky’

“Zero design” for the lamp – created to generate empathic connections.

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Royal Lights: the Golden Rings at the Expiatory Chapel of Monza

A contemporary design installation in the wonderful setting of this historic monument.

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Euroluce 2019, ‘Light and Shapes’: the details of Panzeri products

Timeless and contemporary: the innovations inspired by the research for the shape essence, always looking to tradition.

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Panzeri in Materica, the Beautiful Side of Design

Lamps used in a multisensory house, a refined merging of interior design and décor.

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Jason Bird designs ZigZag for Panzeri

A sound-absorbing lamp, the first from the Australian designer for a European company.

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Collaboration between Matteo Thun & Panzeri

Innovation, simplicity and timelessness: at Euroluce 2019, Panzeri introduces two sets of products designed by the architect.

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Panzeri news for Euroluce 2019

Products, collaborations, events: all the details about the participation in the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

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Panzeri invests in growth

The path towards internationalization.

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Inspirations: using AlDecimo in a creative way

Ideas from art that rethink this wall lamp using your own imagination.

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The German Design Award 2019 rewards the Aldecimo and Viisi lamps

A new recognition of quality for the Panzeri design by the German Design Council.

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Panzeri: 2019 exhibitions calendar

Starting from Munich to the appointment of the year: Euroluce.

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Panzeri: year-end report and 2019 advances

After a successful 2018, the focus is now on the next edition of Euroluce.

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The design of HMG Stones, an art gallery atmosphere

The architect Andrea Milani, from Studio Milani, has designed an art gallery atmosphere for the HMG Stones showroom in Bangalore (India). The interior design takes inspiration from the shape of a turtle’s shell and is able to create an elegant connection with nature.

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Architectural lighting, how to use light profiles

Light beams and the play of light can be adapted to a variety of spaces: here are some examples to inspire you.

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Designer lighting: award winning lamps

The Panzeri design lamps most appreciated by international experts.

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Visit Milan through the design streets of Compasso d’Oro

Panzeri has made it on the map celebrating the design hot spots of the ‘Compasso d’Oro‘ and ‘ADI Design Index.’

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Montenero53: a showcase of Panzeri lighting

The Panzeri product range to appear at an exhibition event in Milan.

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AlDecimo by Panzeri in the ADI Design Index 2018

New, prestigious recognition for the design of the lamp by Carmen Ferrara.

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Homo Faber, the art of expertise

Venice celebrates the masters of creativity and craftmanship.

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Three ways LED lighting is improving our lives

Much more than just energy savings: here are some tangible advantages.

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Panzeri presents its 2018 new products at Binova

The new lamps of the Brianza company will be presented at the Milanese showroom for the first time.

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Panzeri at Light Middle East 2018 with confirmations and product news

The details and the list of lamps that the company will exhibit in Dubai next September.

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Blogs on lighting, decorating and design: our 7 recommendations

Architects that are also great writers, here are some that will inspire you and from whom you can “steal” some secrets.

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After Red Dot, Panzeri lamps are in contention for the German Design Award

After gaining awards at Essen, Viisi and AlDecimo are in line for another prestigious accolade.

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Architect Andrea Castrignano brings our lamps to TV

Our decorative illuminations feature in one of the projects of ‘Cambio casa, cambio vita’.

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Wi-Fi won’t see the light of day, the light will obscure it

Light-point enabled connection: Li-Fi technology will replace radio frequency.

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Connessioni, ‘Future reloaded’: the evolution of design to serve mankind

Second event of the series that elates the ‘Brianzolo’ style of beauty and getting things done well.

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Outdoor lighting: how to illuminate summer evenings

Examples of how to use our lamps for external home lighting.

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Smoke, the new suspension lamp from Panzeri

Universal form, ancient working methods, contemporary mood.

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Women in architecture: Husna Rahaman

The role of light in the philosophy of a prominent Indian firm.

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Low Energy Bluetooth and Mesh Networks in Lighting

Why they are the key for energy-saving in modern smart buildings.

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Industria Felix: Panzeri is among the 78 companies from Lombardy with the best management

In Assolombarda the second regional edition of the award in collaboration with Cerved.

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Kitchen lighting with Panzeri lights

Decorative and architectural lighting: items to inspire you.

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Panzeri Carlo Srl at Salone del Mobile: events and product placement

Where to find us.

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Red Dot Award for Viisi and AlDecimo by Panzeri

New design awards for our firm’s lamps.

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Places where Smart Lights are used in public lighting

There are many parts of Europe which are using energy saving street lighting.

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How Jackie IoT interacts with the Otomo system (Video)

Our lamp, inside office Building Automation.

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What we’ll be seeing at Light + Building 2018

IoT, design and creative lighting: Panzeri Carlo Srl returns to Frankfurt.

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How we made Brooklyn Round Black

The effort the new colour required.

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Interior Design Contest: our kitchen lighting systems

Send your project to participate in the contest and you could win a trip to Italy.

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Enzo Panzeri and Jackie: how to give birth to an awarded lamp

For those who have the sensibility of a designer, sometimes the idea arrives in a moment, like a flash of light that hits you and enlightens immediately the key points of that thought, the most important.

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Why it makes sense to turn your home into a Smart Home

Make use of technology to optimize use and energy consumption of your domestic appliances.

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We continue our growth. This is how the new building will look

From the start of 2018, the Italian company will be able to count on a new building.

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Panzeri Carlo Srl in 2017: results and news [Infographic]

Also the seventieth year of the company has closed on the rise.

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