Panzeri - La valorizzazione di arte e cultura attraverso partnership illuminate: la nostra mission oltre il prodotto

To promote art and culture through inspiring partnerships: our mission in addition to our products.

Since 2020, Panzeri has been committed to developing the company’s Culture Program, a program of meetings, exhibitions and events intended to disseminate lighting culture among designers and end users.

Panzeri - Per noi narrare è la forma più alta del pensiero industriale

For us, storytelling is the ultimate expression of industrial thinking.

Telling the story of a project entails reflection on the role of lighting as a fundamental feature of public and private spaces, in the context of the cultural trends of contemporary society and how it interacts with architecture and cities.

The latest activities of the Panzeri Culture Program:

Panzeri - Listone Giordano Arena, un palcoscenico unico per il nostro network
Panzeri Culture Program - At Listone Giordano Arena

Listone Giordano Arena, a unique stage for our network.

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