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Panzeri accelerates its presence on the American market through the acquisition of Luxxbox

Panzeri accelerates its presence on the American market through the acquisition of Luxxbox


A new international brand joins the Group for an even more effective interpretation of comfort with light, in a combination of design and quality focused on people’s well-being.

Panzeri, a company that has been involved in the Made in Italy lighting design sector for over seventy years, announces the acquisition of the Luxxbox brand, based in California, USA, specialized in the design and production of innovative and sound-absorbing lighting solutions, thanks to which Panzeri will achieve important synergies, in terms of market expansion and offer. Founded in Brisbane in 2006 by Jason Bird, of which he is Managing Director, Luxxbox is the result of a pioneering entrepreneurial vision, open and curious, projected towards the creation of a type of product that combines in a single element sound-absorbing functionality, lighting performance and aesthetic research. Its internationally award-winning sound-absorbing lighting range boasts a quality currently recognized especially in the United States and Australia. Creativity, know-how and R&D are its highlights, seamlessly connected to a balance between manual skills and automation that characterizes its production plant in California.

The two paths undertaken by Panzeri and Luxxbox have a number of elements in common. Corporate culture, design and quality first and foremost, which allow the immediate identification of the identity of each of the two realities directly from their respective products. Both of them are committed to respecting eco-sustainable productivity and use innovative systems and technology also for this purpose. Manufacturing is an added value part of Panzeri’s DNA, represented by the traditional and artisanal heritage inherited over decades of history, that finds an affinity in the Luxxbox world, where attention to detail and the skills of human capital make the difference. Creating a light that, in addition to being interpreted by a refined design, is pleasant and makes you feel good is another important concept that contributed to the substantial definition of the agreement between the two companies.

The acquisition of the Luxxbox brand is an important piece of Panzeri’s growth plan and is part of the development plan activated by the entry into the capital of F&P Equity Partners in 2023. The objectives are the extension of its presence in the American market, increasing its competitiveness on an international level, and the introduction into the European and Middle Eastern market of a line of sound-absorbing products in response to a trend that will receive growing attention from designers in Europe and Italy in the coming years.

The offer of design products for lighting thus expanded will allow an even more effective dialogue with architects, interior designers and lighting designers, especially towards contract channels. The shared objectives also suggest the possibility of a collaboration of their mutual skills in the near future, broadening the horizons of the applications of the different products in the design field.


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