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Matteo Thun explains ‘Firefly in the sky’

Matteo Thun explains ‘Firefly in the sky’


“Zero design” for the lamp – created to generate empathic connections.

The desired combination was to evoke the emotion felt during those long summer on seeing fireflies flit at dusk. This was the impetus to creating a lamp with essential shapes, an archetype; the light of which creates empathic connections. The architect and designer outlines the design process with these words.

“Firefly in the sky is a wireless lamp, without electrical connection, made by pure essentials.”

“As architects, we deal with restaurant and bar interiors, knowing that the right lighting solution is key for conviviality at the table, both outside and inside. A light in public use must catalyse and ensure a pleasant atmosphere.”

“It is a lamp that is designed as simple as possible. We call this simplicity ‘Zero Design’. Firefly in the sky has a timeless design and shape: there is a base, a stem and a fitted lampshade“.

“In a few months, Firefly in the sky shall be used for the first time ever and featured in a hotel bound by snow and ice in winter. Panzeri has mastered the challenge – the tiny lamp will be used outside all year round“.

As well as Firefly in the sky, Matteo Thun also designed Tubino for us. You can find these and all other new 2019 designs, in the ‘Light and Shapes‘ catalogue.

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