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Roma: a timeless history

Roma: a timeless history


In the evocative setting of the Listone Giordano Arena, Panzeri presented Roma to an audience of architects and lighting designers. A reflection on the aesthetic canon of the classical Roman column, more than a luminous body born from the collaboration with architect Alessandro Scandurra..
A three-way dialogue between Roberto Dulio, Architect and architectural historian, Marcello Maloberti, Artist and Professor at NABA in Milan and Alessandro Scandurra; led the guests through 2000 years of history, art and craftsmanship. A bridge between past, present and future, in the sign of the genius loci and craftsmanship that has always distinguished Italian light manufacturing.

In Rome, the ancient revives in a luminous body, a hologram that takes on the appearance of a column, an archetypal sign capable of characterising and orienting space. The product aims to create a conceptual and chronological bridge between the classical and the contemporary: just as a clock marks the hours with its hidden, imperceptible gears, Roma surpasses the very concept of time.

A project that positions itself on the lighting design market not only as a functional and technically performing object, but also aims to reinterpret history in the light of values that still remain universal today: Roma’s shape and technical characteristics make it possible to enhance contexts characterised by ancient elements, while at the same time giving charm and refinement to more minimalist and modern environments.

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