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Free Woman

Free Woman

Designed by architect Isabel Gomez, this project realized in Brussels stands as a work of art in its own right. Named “Free Woman,” it gracefully blends lines and curves with vibrant and sturdy colours and materials.

Each piece of furniture has been handpicked as a distinctive item that brings exclusivity to the space, thanks to the use of refined materials like leather, bronze, glass, and marble. At the heart of the concept is the figure of a free and self-reliant woman: someone who expresses and liberates herself through art and colours meticulously tailored to each living space.

Within this context, where each intervention is thoughtfully curated and every object is an embodiment of the client’s personality, lighting plays a pivotal role. It accentuates the enveloping ambience created by the presence of wood, bronze, and brass. A clear instance of this is the selection of lighting arrangements in the living area, where Hilow installations alternate with One elements, crafting a luminous scene adorned with the golden shades of satin brass.

Passing through a tempered glass door embellished with a bronze frame, one enters the hallway, which showcases a gallery wall gracefully highlighted by Lola’s directional spotlights.

The home office is characterized by the presence of two Zero Round lamps that entwine, shaping the area and accentuating its vertical dimension. Meanwhile, the organically shaped marble desk is precisely illuminated by the table version of Tubino.

The rich wall decorations provide a splendid backdrop to the playful interplay of the lamps, as observed in the bathroom area where the essential design of To-be, a slender suspended element in satin brass, stands out against the decorative wallpaper—a further creative product of Isabel Gómez Studio.

For the open terrace space, the more intense finishes of the Venexia lamps have been selected. Here, the copper-coloured tones contrast with the glass’s transparency, echoing the metal elements of other furniture pieces.

In this project, lines and curves coexist through raw, intense colours and materials. The lighting integrates perfectly with the environment and emphasises its personality by breaking the codes of industrial style to add a touch of elegance, both in texture and form.

Residential Bruxelles, Belgium Project Isabel Goméz Studio
Products Hilow, One, Lola, Zero Round Vertical, Tubino, To-be, Venexia
Photo by Isabel Goméz Studio

Products used in the project

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