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What to show and how to show yourself (to the world)

What to show and how to show yourself (to the world)


.displays/trade fairs/showroom
.illuminated dialogues (ARENA)
.themed podcasts

Further investment is required in various exhibition initiatives than in the past, such as specific exhibitions on the disciplinary themes concerning our history and lighting technology culture.

The exhibition cycle entitled “The skilful play of light”, paraphrasing Le Corbusier, contributes to creating a more complex identity than its competitors, from the mere point of view of cultural production.

A more strategic approach is required for trade fairs in the sector, with less commercial participation, also reducing spaces and locations. Arena Milano needs to be enhanced as a multimedia catalytic hub in the coming years.

Catalogues and brochures go online, whereas printed versions must become an annual (or biennial) account of the company’s activities, the most representative projects and a description of new products. Much importance will therefore be given to experimental research and new architectural studios that will start collaborating with Panzeri.

The most prominent figures in the company, (starting with Federico, Simonetta and Norberto Panzeri), and all the members of the family and the management, will tell their stories on the YouTube channel in a series of video-interviews (involving planners, technical experts and journalists).

The focus of the storytelling project over the next two years will be i Dialoghi Luminosi®, at Arena Milano.

A series of meetings with the most interesting people in the lighting world, themed discussions and a programme of “small instant exhibitions” (lasting a few days) that will involve all the categories concerned, in Italy and worldwide.

The contents of i Dialoghi Luminosi® will be recorded (concisely) in podcasts that will be included on the ONE channels, and/or others.

Every intellectual and industrial programme conceals an ambition and a desire. In our case, we want to express our desire to describe the present in order to imagine the future.

“Panzeri Carlo Srl is just what you see: nothing but light”

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