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R-Store Napoli

R-Store Napoli

R-Store is a company founded in Naples in 2008 that fully embraces the Apple Premium Reseller commercial program conceived by Apple.

The head office of the chain of stores was recently renovated and for the lighting of the rooms, various Panzeri products were used that harmonize optimally with the surrounding environment.

Bella, with its elegant disc of pendant light and cascade lighting, welcomes visitors at the entrance to the center, creating an atmosphere in line with the contemporary and harmonious design of the furniture.
The project includes a careful study of details and a cutting-edge functional aesthetic, in order to preserve a pleasant working environment in line with the company’s identity.
The elegance of the minimal body and the aluminum frame, make App the most relevant solution to illuminate the office spaces in a discreet way and with an interesting play of chiaroscuro, without weighing down the surrounding visual space.
The LED circles with horizontal arrangements of Zero Ellipse, create a luminous installation with great scenic impact. Suitable for spacious environments in need of light, Zero Ellipse also acts as a decorative element by shaping the volumes of the ceilings.
As a functional aesthetic that marries Panzeri’s design, Golden Ring was used to achieve great lighting performance and at the same time to adapt to the contemporary environment that characterize the offices of the structure.

The different rooms that make up R-Store in Naples, are the result of a project of great harmony and a studied aesthetic taste designed by Ludovica Giusti Campi Architetti studio.

Offices Napoli, Italia Project Ludovica Giusti Campi Architetti
Products Zero Ellipse, Bella
Photo by Mario Ferrara

Products used in the project

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