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American Dream, Milano

American Dream, Milano

In this project a lot of attention has been paid to the balance between the various actors of the scene, namely furniture and lighting. Thanks to a study of shapes and colors has been found the right architectural device to make harmonious a space that is open but at the same time very articulated. The custom-made furniture, on the other hand, is deliberately neutral to leave room for the Zero Round dining table-suspended light by Panzeri, which in fact becomes the true geometric and visual fulcrum of the room. geometric and visual fulcrum of the environment.

According to the studio, a well-lit space is by definition comfortable, which is why light becomes one of the tools for achieving aesthetic and functional objectives. The choice of Zero Round was quite natural as it is a highly scenic product suitable for lighting large spaces but technically well designed to meet different design needs.

Project: Ghost Architects

Residential Milan, Italy Project Ghost Architects
Products Zero Round

Products used in the project

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