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Pilsensee, Munich

Pilsensee, Munich

Pilsensee is the new senior housing development designed by architect Rasso Rebay von Ehrenwiesen.
The complex in Seefeld, southwest of Munich, offers its residents 26 accommodations, all of which are equipped with on-demand care systems. A day care facility and an outpatient care service round out the residential offerings.

The lighting and interior design concept was developed holistically following the leitmotif “A day at the lake”. The day begins with the sunrise, is radiant at noon and ends in a subdued mood in the evening. The colors of a typical sunny day were chromed and are the basis for the color scheme in the neighborhood: yellow in the basement, green and light red on the ground floor, and blue on the two upper floors.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) played an important role in the lighting design. The HCL concept in Seefeld’s senior citizens’ quarter takes into account the different living spaces: the personal living area and the common rooms.
The luminaire chosen to meet the design requirements is Panzeri’s Ginevra, an ideal LED pendant luminaire. Bella and Tubino were also used, for greater customization of certain rooms.

Pilsensee is the new district for the elderly, south-west of Munich (Germany) designed according to the concept of Human Centric Lighting: the lighting adapts to the different living spaces and is modulated in a holistic way.

Panzeri Ginevra’s lighting system responded perfectly to the needs of the project.

Residential Munich (Germany) Project Rasso Rebay von Ehrenwiesen

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