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Corporate Office Bergamo

Corporate Office Bergamo

The realization of this lighting project has been implemented at a newly constructed building used for offices in Bergamo province.

The choice of the product is all fell on the architectural range, in order to fully integrate lighting of the walls and ceilings of the building. The only decorative element, the ceiling and wall lamp Carmen, has been reserved to the meeting room.

The project is full of Profiles, in a wide range of implementations of parallel lines or lines that meet in square or rectangular shapes.

Two profiles applications are very interesting. The first shows up on the stairs, where it is used vertically with ‘marker’ effect to light up the marble steps. The second, visually striking, shows up in the reception, where six light lines cross, starting from the vertical wall, connected to the ceiling and then generates four other intersections of light lines, drawn by the designer and built by Panzeri according to the drawing.

Corners, perfectly illuminated despite the complex intersections with angles of all different degrees, are an example of craftsmanship and perfect execution respecting a strong aesthetic connotation.

Offices Bergamo,
Products Carmen, Nolita, Brooklyn, XGQ0998

Products used in the project

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