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Hotel Hesperia Jesolo

Hotel Hesperia Jesolo

The Hesperia Hotel is located just a stone’s throw away from a historic part of Jesolo, which has always been a landmark for the arrival of buses from outside the city.

The new look of this hotel is the result of an extensive renovation that combined two buildings, one of which, the old Hesperia Hotel, only two stories high, was rebuilt after being demolished. The owners, the Coppe family, designed the new layout of the hotel. One of the two Coppe brothers came to Jesolo to work as an employee of the original Hesperia, later becoming one of the owners and thus starting a family hotel tradition.

The interior design of the Hesperia Hotel was created by Ligorio Paste Architects. The essence of their work and the history of the owners can be admired especially in the lobby. The two pillars that dominate the centre of this space have been charged with recalling the leading role of the two Coppe brothers in the creation of this place. Recalling the ancient meaning of the word Hesperia and its artistic references (“The Garden of the Hesperides” is found in Botticelli’s painting “Spring”), the pillars were interpreted as two trees whose interior is the source of life, i.e. the sap, represented by the rays of light emanating from their branches.

In this evocative context, Panzeri’s Brooklyn profiles, in special compositions with particular intersections and angles, form lines whose luminous continuity is made possible by LED micro-modules thanks to which the light is never interrupted by spaces in the shade. In the particular setting of the Hesperia room, the light rays criss-cross the ceiling parallel to the lines of the dark marble floor and meet again after descending along the walls.

Hotel Jesolo,
Project Giovanni Ligorio e Luiza Paste (lpARCH Ligorio Paste architetti).
Products Brooklyn
Kubik LED
Photo by Alessandro Boscolo Agostini

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