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Hotel Hesperia Jesolo

Hotel Hesperia Jesolo

Hotel Hesperia is located a few steps away from a historical area of Jesolo, which has always been a point of reference for buses coming from other cities.

The new hotel was completely restructured by joining two buildings, one of which was the previous Hotel Hesperia, only two floors high and reconstructed after being demolished. Just imagine this new hotel layout was owned by the Coppe family. One of the two Coppe brothers came to Jesolo to work as an employee of the previous Hesperia hotel and then became one of the owners, thus starting a family hotel tradition.

Hotel Hesperia’s interior design was handled by Ligorio Paste Architetti studio; you will be fascinated by the nature of their work and the owners’ history depicted especially in the lobby. The two pillars dominating the centre of the hall recall the vital role of the two Coppe brothers in establishing this place. The pillars were interpreted as two trees representing the source of life, namely the sap, depicted by light strips stemming from the branches to evoke the ancient meaning of the word Hesperia and its artistic references (“the Hesperides garden” is depicted in Botticelli’s ‘Spring’ painting).

Unique crossed and angular Brooklyn profiles by Panzeri, creating light beams with LED micro-module strip lights to illuminate at night in this evocative setting. The bright light cuts through the ceiling in parallel to the dark marble floor tiles and merges with it down the walls in the fascinating setting of the Hesperia Hall.

Hotel Jesolo,

Project Giovanni Ligorio e Luiza Paste (lpARCH Ligorio Paste architetti).
Products Brooklyn (XG2033) nella Hall, Kubik LED (nei bagni delle stanze), Joe.
Photo by Alessandro Boscolo Agostini

Products used in the project

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