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BankHotel Art Congress Hall

BankHotel Art Congress Hall

The BankHotel is located in the historical city-centre of Lviv (Ukraine), site of the bank’s premises since the early 1900’s.

During rebuilding, the architectural project aimed to maintain the building’s authenticity insofar as possible. Beautiful old brick ceilings, an ornate hall with marble stairs and stained-glass windows, authentic oak window frames and wall decorations. To this end, all the original features have been lovingly restored and complemented by the new contemporary design chosen.

The original roof shape along with the dome, was ruined due to fire around 50 years before reconstruction. An expert team of architects rebuilt it following the original historical designs. This decision enabled creating three additional floors for guests, making for a total number of 100 rooms.

The rooms are permeated by an early 20th century atmosphere, thanks to the visual arrangements designed by French Art Nouveau artists.

The former floor used by the bank has been transformed into the city’s largest conference hall. In the space adjacent to the main hall, a special version of the serpentine-shaped Golden Ring runs along the corridor’s celing. In the largest conference room, the Golden Ring with a diameter of three meters has a stunning visual impact. The effect is repeated in connecting rooms with a series of smaller Golden Rings. Sets of Ypsilon wall lamps complete the space’s minimalist and elegant style.

Public spaces Lviv,
Project by KUDIN architects, design team: V. Kudin, O. Riabova, M. Karnaukhov, T. Velychko, L. Kosik, V. Zinchenko, M. Dovhanych.
Products special serpentine Golden Ring, Golden Ring, Ypsilon.
Photo by A. Avdeenko.

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