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National Library

National Library

Oslo Interiørarkitekter and SML Lighting found themselves facing a number of challenges when lighting the National Library in Oslo’s Solli Square (Norway). One of these challenges was the veto on installing new lighting fixtures on walls or ceilings. Any future renovation project would remove everything leaving visible signs.

The building’s historic importance demanded maximum attention to the interiors and the lighting plan. The lighting suppliers’ solutions took into account existing interior design and at the same time satisfied the need for flexibility in lighting levels, thanks to a DALI dimmer system.

Using drawings and input from the architects, new projectors were created for the large conference room, the outside area, the bookstore and the reception area.

Inside, the protagonists are the Silver Rings in various diameters, lacquered opaque gold. These circular lamps were assembled in the different rooms in different constellations. The large conference room needed a modern suspended lamp, so 4 rings were used, each with a One lamp in the centre at customised height. 3 Silver Rings were installed in the bookstore, while in the reception area and the other areas, there is a single Ring lamp.

Public spaces Oslo,
Project SML Lighting supervisor: Kjell Nyegaard-Larsen
Technical consultant: Bjørn Jørgensen
Client: Oslo Interiørarkitekter, Kari Cecilie Andersen, Katrine Kristiansen
Products Silver Ring, One.

Products used in the project

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