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Rountos Wooden Floors

Rountos Wooden Floors

The Rountos Wooden Floors showroom is on the ground floor of a corner building in the Marousi area of Athens. Its design sought first and foremost to spotlight the company’s products, in more than just a mere display, making them a key part of the design itself.

An inviting, high-design space was crafted by using wood as the base material and intelligently distributing the interiors to best respond to the company’s practical needs. The displays are made of metal to set them clearly apart from the products, achieving an original overall effect through the interplay of materials. Lighting is key to the product display, conceived to accent not only the display areas but the wooden doorways and partitions that divide the space as well.

The main display is by the entrance, featuring a doorway and metal structure attached to the wall, displaying samples of wooden floor patterns and installation types like works of art. Another mesh structure is in a central position on the ceiling decked with hanging plants that create a backdrop to the sculptural composition of Viisi pendant lamps. The lamp’s minimal, sophisticated design fits beautifully with the showroom’s contemporary style.

Retail Athens,
Project G2lab ( Giannis & Giorgos Efthymiadis).
Products Viisi.
Photo by Dimitris Spyrou.

Products used in the project

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