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ASCOM is the association of commerce, tourism, services and Small and Medium Enterprises of Confcommercio Imprese for Italy of Bergamo. Panzeri was responsible for the lighting of the new headquarters offices in Via Borgo Palazzo.

The width of spaces and windows dominate in the building where metal is widespread, as for example in the structure of the stairs. In such a modern context light cuts and recessed ceiling lamps have been used to meet the customer’s request to have a minimalist and functional lighting. For the entrance area much decorative choices have been made, with bigger hanging lamps.

The products used are the surface mounted lamps Flat, the hanging lamps Golden Ring, the hanging lamps Nolita Out and the recessed modular LED system Nolita.

Offices Bergamo,
Products Flat, Golden Ring, Nolita Out, Nolita

Products used in the project

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