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Twin Set

Twin Set

Alongside lamps of its own production, Panzeri also handles customised projects, which are frequently requested by clients. This is the case with Twin Set by Simona Barbieri, a renowned clothing firm whose collections are distributed in 74 sales outlets, ranging from own-brand boutiques to franchise stores and concessions in department stores.

The company’s flagship store features the original version of a fabric lamp, made to an exclusive design. This is a highly unusual handcrafted product, and Panzeri was asked to produce it industrially to create a functional light without losing the lamp’s decorative properties.

This project tested Panzeri’s ability to work with a custom-designed product and handle a material – the fabric – it had previously little experience of, but which is a symbol of the client’s excellence; as well as making the lamp fire-resistant and compliant with safety standards. The technology of the lamp’s structure was simplified and the whole item made easier to assemble.

The packaging too was specially designed: the lamp is shipped in a box fitted with a particular type of support which prevents the fabric creasing and ensures that the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

The end result is a new interpretation of the Twin Set lamp which has the same aesthetic impact as the original and is the fruit of close collaboration and information sharing between Panzeri and the client.

Retail Milan,
Products A customised lamp, created to the client’s specifications.

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