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Ekaa Pentahouse

Ekaa Pentahouse

With more than 4,500 m2, it’s the largest penthouse in Bangalore (source: architecturaldigest.in). It was designed to be part of the sky, a shelter from which you can take in the wonderful views of the “Garden City”, as Bangalore is called in India. It took the architect Husna Rahaman and the interior designer Shrunga N Srirama of Fulcrum Studio two years to complete this project.

In each room, the standout design elements are the result of an amalgamation of materials, geometries and textures. Handcrafted elements from remote Indian regions have been reinterpreted to create beautiful design pieces, in perfect balance between modern and antique.

Lighting and design have been treated as instruments to achieve extreme living comfort. Intersecting light profiles, both horizontally and vertically, can be found in the spacious halls, in the dining rooms and the corridors. Even the color temperature of the lights adjusts in accordance with the surrounding natural light.

In the whole penthouse, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Spot and Manhattan draw luminous lines, classic intersections and unique angles, obtained thanks to customizations. The pièce de résistance is in the living room, with the installation called “Sky Light”, a sort of grid made with 50×50 mm architectural profiles, with a satinized gold finish, combined with light profiles with different orientations, downward facing and horizontal. The LED temperature is 2,700 K, a warm light that well integrates with the golden look of the profiles. This structure perfectly fulfills its purpose: lighting an interior architecture consisting of precious materials that need to be highlighted.

The lighting design of this project is the work of the Indian company IvoryEdge, located precisely in Bangalore. Our Indian partner worked side by side with the architects of Fulcrum Studio for the integration of an architectural lighting as invisible as possible, to le t the precious design elements get all the attention they deserve. The installation of the profiles was challenging, just as the lighting design project, perhaps even more. Some sections of the “Sky Light” reach 5.5 m (!) in length, a size that led to a great deal of difficulties in the assembly.

Residential Bangalore,
Project Lighting Design & Installation by IvoryEdge
Products Brooklyn, Brooklyn Spot e Manhattan.
Year Architecture and Interior Design.

Products used in the project

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