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Freetime Gym

Freetime Gym

The client’s request for renovating the Freetime gym in Rome was to give the space a new image in the shortest amount of time possible.

This redesign also included coming up with new lighting solutions, with a special focus on saving energy and using LED lighting. The color temperature of the lighting was meant to guarantee a warm, welcoming effect, not going beyond 3,000 K or 3,200 K to make the atmosphere all the more relaxing.

For the lighting of the foyer, the architect chose Brooklyn Round suspended lights. Their shape brings to mind Olympic rings, and—near the swimming pool adjacent to the foyer— these luminous rings are able to offer an interplay of reflections and layered, woven effects.

On the ceiling of the foyer, Brooklyn Round fits in harmoniously alongside the various quotes designed on the wall in plasterboard, creating a flowing, balanced whole that represents the dynamism characteristic of a public place like a gym.

Public spaces Rome,
Project Spaceplanners/Massimo Famiglini.
Products Brooklyn Round.

Products used in the project

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