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HMG Stones

HMG Stones

The HMG Stones Gallery was created more as a “Stone Experience Center” than a retail space. Inside, the showroom features various types of stone blocks (including types of natural marble, granite, onyx, sandstone, limestone, quartzite and soapstone), showing how they can be used. There is also information on the color, quality, structure and natural elements, etc. as well as how models are used and how the products can be installed.

The Stones Gallery is designed to focus on the three main elements that have made this flagship store a touchstone in the industry: Futuristic, Timeless and Endless Design. Inspiration has been taken from the shape of a turtle’s shell, which features a symbolic link with the stones in the showroom. Actually, this animal’s shell is the hardest shell in nature, allowing the animal to survive in a variety of habitats like forests, deserts, oceans, etc.

The hexagonal shape of the shell has been used as the shape to define the interior and exterior spaces, highlighting the architectural profiles that delineate the outline of the area.

HMG Stones Gallery is most definitely a place to admire fascinating materials like the stones on display, but it is also a space where visitors can relax.

Retail Bangalore,
Project Andrea Milani (Studio Milani).
Products Outline (Brooklyn).
Year Lighting Design & Installation IvoryEdge.

Products used in the project

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