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Locherber Milano

Locherber Milano

Locherber Milano has opened its first own-name fragrance boutique in the heart of the fashion capital.

The architectural context of the boutique, elegant and with a refined retro flavour, inspired the architect Andrea Castrigano’s mood, his choice of materials, light and furnishing accessories, creating a classic mood where the retrò ambience has been revised in a contemporary way.

The layout evokes typical Italian shops at the beginning of the century. The liberty décor lounge welcomes visitors on the three elegant rhomboid parquet floors: ash, ice and dark oak, surrounded by the enveloping plum and wisteria shades.

On the ceiling of this perfume atelier, here are two refined dark glass chandeliers ‘Tate’, which is entrusted with the lighting of the space.

Produced with advanced techniques, ‘Tate’ chandeliers perfectly combine the tradition of Murano blown glass and the mechanical technology in Lombardy. Conceived to illuminate elegant and luxury locations, it is also an excellent complement for more modern spaces, where the pure and original Tate forms are adapted to the minimalism of the contemporary interior design.

Retail Milan,
Project Studio Andrea Castrignano.
Products Tate.
Photo by Francesco Mion.

Products used in the project

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