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Private Villa Diano d’Alba

Private Villa Diano d’Alba

The private villa outlined in this project is located just outside Alba, in Diano d’Alba, the province of Cuneo. The location is near the studio, which designed the project and is also the house owner. Guelfo Costruzioni manages the construction of individual projects by third parties, as well as their own projects, and those of general contractors.

The client’s request to the lighting designer Emilio Ferro was for lighting that creates a scenic effect, which enhances the interior and not just in the evenings. The goal was to clearly define the spaces under a new light to highlight the interior finishes.

The lighting used is all dimmable for a personalized and individual light display. Overall, the lighting is a mix of direct and indirect light. The corridor’s lower plafond’s, which provide continuity from the entrance use ceiling lamps designed by One.

Arranged above the TV area are three suspension lamps designed by Viisi to create a more compact space. Here too a combination of indirect (2) and direct (1) lights are used.

In front of the side wall with darker tones, a set of To-be lamps are suspended at a calibrated height from the inclined ceiling for a symmetrical look.

The wall is covered by modern tapestry, and features two bright slits: these are Manhattan indirect light designs. Marking the corner between two walls, in the entrance area, an irregular direct light display designed by Brooklyn instead.

Residential Cuneo,
Project Guelfo Costruzioni | Distributore: IDG Spa
Products One, Viisi, To-be, profili Manhattan e Brooklyn
Year Lighting Design: Emilio Ferro (Manasas)

Products used in the project

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