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Castellana 16, Madrid

Castellana 16, Madrid

The Castellana 16 project arose from the need to renovate an old residential building and adapt it to a modern office complex for an international company.

The renovation process of this important building on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid was characterised by a strong respect for valuable architectural elements. On the one hand, the setting brought together the heritage of the time, but at the same time it had to meet the new characteristics required by the new use.

Based on this historical character, and with the criteria of the rest of the building, where simplicity and the use of discreet lines predominate, we designed a luminaire that combined this historicism with a new line of modernity and simplicity.

The inspiration for the luminaire comes from the work of the De Stijl group and their contributions to the architecture of the 1920s, and thanks to Panzeri’s Bella luminaire in golden tones and the possibility of dual emission, which allows us to illuminate the surroundings of the entrance and at the same time make it possible to light the ceilings, we were able to create a luminaire that combines this historicism with a new line of modernity and simplicity.

Offices Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid Project Project: H2G2 Arquitectura e Ingenieria
Lighting Design: Iluminacion Delta Light Espana
Products Bella
Zero Round Vertical

Products used in the project

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