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CJ Residence

CJ Residence

Situated in the urban context of Bangalore (India), CJ Residence is residential building thought for the members of a joint family.

We grappled with the issue of providing private spaces for all the members, without compromising the feel of an independent residence. The fragmented arrangement of these individual spaces created break-out spaces at each level, which facilitates the congregation of the family members.

A large cut out which spans through the vertical volume of the residence enables the members to constantly be in visual connectivity with each other. This also creates a sense of continuity in terms of the volume when a member enters at the ground level and ascends through the residence. A composition of our Candle suspension lamps illuminates this hall from above.

The interiors were designed to look rich, replacing the traditional carvings with more contemporary finishes which make the spaces look more chic and glossy. In contrast with the rich interiors, the lighting is architectural, with the use of our Brooklyn and Manhattan profiles and recessed spotlights.

Residential Bangalore,
Products Candle, profili Brooklyn e Manhattan.
Year Lighting Design: IvoryEdge
Photo by Cadence Architects.

Products used in the project

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