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Casa Alfieri

Casa Alfieri

Casa Alfieri represents a renovation project for a farmhouse near the historical centre of Castelmuzio, a small village in the Val d’Orcia. The original farm building, whose typological characteristics and construction methods seem to date back to the second half of the 19th century, underwent subsequent additions and modifications until the 1950s.

The new project respected the client’s requests, reinterpreting the spaces and introducing new systems without altering the existing volumes and without changing the original architectural features of the façades, which are regulated by the landscape protection codes.

The relationship between the interior and exterior spaces guided the main choices of ambient lighting. On the ground floor are the dining room and the kitchen, amply lit by the large French windows overlooking the landscape and creating a whole with the surrounding environment. The Giano pendant lamp illuminates the main room with functionality and design, perfectly matching the style of the rooms. The linear shapes of the lamp do not disturb the architecture of the room, which is minimal and clean, and add a touch of style to the décor of the residential project.

Residential Castelmuzio Project VPS Architects
Products Giano
Photo by Studio Vetroblu

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