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Beauty on Braid

Beauty on Braid

Beauty on Braid represents a residential project for a villa in New Zealand in a green setting. The client’s desire was to design a modern and avant-garde space, defined by designer furniture where lighting plays a key role.

Panzeri lamps were chosen to give the space a classy tone that blends perfectly with the architecture of the rooms, creating a pleasant visual and functional balance. Zero Round, the horizontal pendant lamp with DALI/Push DIM technology, offers a strong scenic impact to the room characterized by large bright windows. The hall dedicated to conviviality and entertainment is enhanced by Golden Ring, which, thanks to its large aluminum suspension rings, creates an interesting play of shapes without weighing down the surrounding visual space. Bella’s clean, linear design lends itself to several original compositions in which elements that diffuse direct light alternate with those with indirect emission, which is why it has proven suitable for dining room lighting. Not only functionality, but also well-thought-out aesthetics are at the heart of the décor of the residential project. Ginevra, the lamp that combines cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design, welcomes the guest into the open-plan living room by creating a path of unobtrusive light with the practicality of the space.

Residential New Zeland Project Coombes & Gabbie Lighting Design Limited

Products Bella, Golden Ring, Zero Round, Ginevra
Year Landmarks Homes Hamilton.

Products used in the project

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