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Villa Cortona

Villa Cortona

Villa Cortona is a stunning complex immersed in the Tuscan countryside surrounding Cortona, famous for being home to the Hermitage where San Francesco lived for many years.
Each area of the villa, consisting of three units, is the result of interior design choices stemming from the collaboration between Caputistudio and Mobilnovo, who, together, have carefully selected and matched furnishings from the most prestigious Italian design brands both indoors and outdoors.
The architecture is typically Tuscan, appearing warm and traditional, but hiding an elegant and modern soul inside. All the rooms are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, through the selection of modern and fine furnishings, set in rustic and traditional spaces, characterised by wooden ceilings, terracotta floors and exposed brick walls.
The true relax area of the villa is the swimming pool, immersed in the vast garden and composed of two large green marble pools. To illuminate the outdoor space of the villa, both along the perimeter of the pool, beside the stone walkways, and above the outdoor dining table, the elegance of Venexia was chosen, in the floor and pendant versions, which complements the traditional yet modern image
of the estate. The Corten finish perfectly matches the structure of the building with its wooden window and door frames and the surrounding environment, accentuating the spaces with discretion and simplicity.

Residential Tuscany Project Arch. Gianluca Caputi - Caputistudio
Products Venexia
Photo by PH Alessio Neroni

Products used in the project

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