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Hub LVenture. Termini Station, Rome

Hub LVenture. Termini Station, Rome

The LVenture Group Hub is a space of over 9,000 square meters at Termini Station in Rome and is the meeting place of choice for the largest ecosystem of young digital companies in Italy.

In this location all the activities of the company take place, including those of its Startup Accelerator. In addition to these, the Hub hosts corporate offices, the Facebook Competence Center Binario F and the international coding school 42 Roma Luiss.
A constantly expanding platform, a reference point for innovation in Europe, where every day talents, investors and corporations build together the entrepreneurial fabric of the future, in the name of contamination between people and ideas.

The redevelopment project that has affected the spaces of the Hub, gives them a coherent identity, in a balance of preservation and renewal, between the rationalist architecture of Termini Station to be enhanced and the need to meet current needs in terms of approach to work and new ways of using the places.
Memory and contemporaneity meet harmoniously in the different environments: the event and meeting rooms, the openspace workstations and the lounge area are all part of an open dialogue, which speaks of formal coherence but above all of a new life given back to the building. A dimension that preserves and emphasizes the importance of natural light coming from the large historic windows, which is amplified in the transparency of the crystals and becomes the subject of intervention through the design of Panzeri, which shapes the surfaces, models the volumes and suggests visual paths.
The same desire for continuity that informed the choice of lighting fixtures is reflected in the furniture and decorative components, in a game of references and reflections with the existing architectural elements.

Innovation, functionality and aesthetics confront each other in a space that takes shape around those who cross it and live in it every day, making it their own.

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