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Riflessi is a real estate restyling project for a private residence in Rome, Italy.

The project, supervised and designed by Nt Architetti, sees the use of Silver Ring in its ceiling version. The sinuous curves of the ring give a striking effect to the dining area, creating a cozy environment that is perfectly suited to the needs of a modern family.

In this design, the combination of the dining table and light becomes the geometric and visual centerpiece of the entire environment, helping to distinctively define its identity. The skillful use of Silver Ring not only illuminates spaces but also enhances their beauty, blending functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious combination. A project that goes beyond simple restyling, transforming the home into a place where light merges with geometry and reflections outline a new living perspective.

Residential Rome Project NT Architetti
Products Silver Ring
Photo by Stefano Musa

Products used in the project

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