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Residence with SPA

Residence with SPA

The goal of this project, a spacious two-story home to accommodate a family of five, was to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere for the family to rest, in addition to designing private spaces for each member. The soft tones and natural materials of the finishes, blend harmoniously with the architecture of the house and its lighting.

The dining room, with its warm and welcoming tones, presents a scenic and functional element. The focal point of the table: Olivia, Emma and Clio, a series of decorative lamps featuring an LED bulb with exposed filaments, which create a special and striking atmosphere.

The result is a tranquil and airy home with natural colors, soft-touch materials, fine furniture and ad hoc lighting that convey feelings of elegance and simplicity.

Residential Moscow Project AYA Bureau

Products used in the project

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