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Palazzo Kiton

Palazzo Kiton

The fashion designer Gianfranco Ferrè was the owner of the building, a true temple of fashion in the 90s, now called Palazzo Kiton. Located in via Pontaccio, in Milan, it is home for the famous Neapolitan company of haute couture. The restoration, carried out respecting the 30s art nouveau of the building, was completed in 2014 and has transformed the four floors as Kiton headquarters. Besides the offices, it also offers a bistro, a workshop open to the public and many works of art, as well as beautiful dresses.

The task assigned to Panzeri by the architect Franco Raggi (Sicurtre General Contractor) was to take care of the directors accommodations and the outside lighting, in addition to technical lighting to be implemented in an integrated manner with the management of home automation light and with hidden and minimally invasive installations compared to the context.

The products used have been the outdoor lamp Four, the Profili xg2033, the Invisiblili xgq1004 and 1004gl, the wall lamps Toy Gypso, the other wall lamp Zero Led with satin stainless steel finish and a special spot for reading light.

Offices Milan,
Products Four, xg2033, xgq1004, 1004gl, Toy Gypso, Zero Led

Products used in the project

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