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NOA Restoran

NOA Restoran

NOA Restoran is one of the most appreciated restaurants in Estonia. It is a seaside restaurant which offers to its guests the opportunity to savor a dinner and marvel at the stunning view of Tallinn Old Town silhouette across the bay. The exclusivity of the restaurant made it unavoidable to choose the perfect lights to do justice to the elegance and the warmth of the place.
For this reason NOA committed Panzeri to light up the VIP area. A cascade of golden-leaf Domino lamps are hanging above the tables, enlightening and adorning the seaside front dining room. The warm light seeping in through the blown glass is magnified by the golden-leaf finishing. The result is an evocative and touching sensorial effect.
Furthermore, the peculiar shape of the diffuser – either empty or full, depending on the point of view – allows an intricate play of light, which perfectly match with the breathtaking starry sky visible from the huge glass wall.

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