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Hotel Weinegg

Hotel Weinegg

Hotel Weinegg is located in Cornaiano, a small village 20 kilometres from Bolzano, the capital city of Trentino Alto Adige, the Italian region on the border with Austria.

The hotel is completely surrounded by the vineyards that grow at the foot of the Alps, a 5-star location with luxury suites, wellness centre and gourmet restaurant. Its international clientele is attracted by the memorable experiences it offers: relaxing atmosphere, great food and especially the fine wines this region has produced for centuries.

To dedicate more space to tasting experiences, special occasions and formal company dinners, its owners, Erika and Bruno Moser, decided to create a new room able to accommodate a much larger number of people, without compromising the elegance of the structure.

Studio Pederiva, in Bolzano, designed the new room, while Led-Tec took care of the illumination. The lighting project turned out to be more complicated than initially estimated and light-designers unsurprisingly turned to Panzeri Carlo srl.

The owners’ main requirement was to have the ability to adjust the height of the lamps using mechanisms hidden in the false ceiling. The suspensions needed to go through the ceiling panels so the lamps could be raised or lowered above the tables depending on the occasion. Thanks to a mechanism developed by LED-TEC’s Technical Department, the owners’ requests were fully met.

However, a decision on the aesthetics had yet to be made. The furnishing selected by the Interior Designers were all made of wood with tobacco brown finishes. After briefly analysing the wide range of products offered by Panzeri Carlo srl, unsurprisingly, the choice fell on Emma & Clio’s amber glass. The affinity of the blown glass with the traditional wine bottles was a determining factor of the owners’ decision, making it the perfect solution for the project.

Sixteen islands of light, one for each table, were created using a total of 32 suspended lamps. Each island can be independently controlled thanks to a mobile phone or tablet App that allows to switch on and off each island and adjust its height. The App also allows to set the right light mood for the room, by controlling the lighting and the movement of the lamps. This way, the owners can choose to switch on all lamps and lower them above the tables before dinner, or raise only those next to the windows overlooking the garden, where the best tables are positioned, or raise all lamps when the room is full of guests. Additionally, at the end of the evening, or during the day when the room is flooded with natural light, lamps can be programmed to switch off automatically all at the same time, or be lowered above each table. A setting that highlights the features of Emma and Clio’s blown glass, which perfectly complements the look and feel chosen for the room.

The extension project was completed in 2016, in time to welcome guests during the Easter break. A successful and sophisticated project, in which the services and assistance from Panzeri Carlo srl played an essential part, both from a technology and an aesthetic point of view.

Hotel Bolzano,
Project Studio Pederiva di Bolzano
Products Emma, Clio.
Year Lighting Design: LED-TEC

Products used in the project

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