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Giannino Restaurant, London

Giannino Restaurant, London

Founded in 1899 in the capital of Lombardy, the historic Giannino restaurant has chosen London, in the heart of Mayfair, to open its foreign debut. This is the first time Giannino has exhibited outside Italy and it is significant that it has chosen the English capital to do so.

The restaurant presents itself as a true oasis of Italianism with taste and refinement, totally in line with a high level gastronomic offer. The desire to reproduce the Milanese tradition is perceived in the design approach which, starting from various classical icons, defines a contemporary environment but at the same time linked to the city of origin.

Between the different rooms we see a stylistic path which in some cases spills over into actual quotations. The use of frames and geometric reliefs intertwine harmoniously with brushed brass profiles and turn-of-the-century stylistic features.

The lighting is soft and never intrusive, with the intention of reproducing a hospitable and elegant environment that does not weigh down the eye. The tables that welcome guests have been lit with Firefly in the sky, the table lamp with rechargeable head that blends harmoniously with the rooms and creates pleasant points of light suitable for a restaurant. With its bronzed colour, Firefly in the sky conveys a sense of preciousness and accentuates the refinement of the place.

The project was realised by Spagnulo&Partners.

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