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“Panzeri for Culture”

“Panzeri for Culture”


Museums, galleries, installations, and exhibitions have in recent years become a multidisciplinary container for experimentation and elaboration in the field of light production.

It is a direction we must go in because, as a company, we have values to pass on and both aesthetic and ethical explorations to make, hence the new “Panzeri for Culture” brand: a “permanent design lab” where public and private work in synergy on development projects.

The idea starts with the “permanent design lab” which is open for and available to (re)forming Italy’s cultural realities (and of the world of course) through specific projects and technical and technological consultancy.

These experimental activities are infused with the Panzeri tradition for “know-how” that converses with and makes more marvellous the already marvellous, the truly international heritage of art spaces in every city and every village of this “Bel Paese.”

This new initiative therefore encapsulates the company’s idea of future, and the concerted effort to tell the story of this family of entrepreneurs. Museums, academies, galleries, or by shining a “light” in exhibitions and shows, are the ideal space to showcase both the contemporary image and the industrial choices of the company.

It is therefore not “just another project” – this is the brightest point of an exploration reaching its high point in these cultural spaces, in a conversation between industry, culture and society.

Panzeri seeks to play a leading role in this historical moment, in the aesthetic and ethical exploration that gives full meaning to our role as the designers and entrepreneurs of our time, because an industry needs to be a sensor, always watchful, looking out at the contemporary world and the future.

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