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Private residence, Bruxelles

Private residence, Bruxelles

Isabel Gómez Studio is a team of professionals who through their passion for interior design, create pleasant and functional architecture capable of wisely optimizing the surrounding space. Comfort and elegance are two key elements to enhance the environments and elevate the spirit of those who live them every day. The design of this residential interior in Brussels is proof that the synergy between furniture and lighting can create a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Light, in fact, plays a key role, the large windows that surround the rooms are in perfect harmony with Panzeri lamps, which proved to be the most suitable choice for the functionality of these spaces. Zero Square, the pendant lamp in curved extruded aluminum, looks like an elegant and impressive solution to welcome guests in the dining room. The clean, linear shape of Bella, positioned above the kitchen counter, makes even the most minimal and simple of spaces eye-catching, so as to create an overall youthful and well-designed space. To enhance even the most functional aspect of light, design and technology come together in Jackie, an avant-garde table lamp studied in every detail, to offer personalized and controlled light control in every situation.

Project realized by Isabel Gómez Studio

Residential Bruxelles Products Zero Square
Year Isabel Gómez Studio

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