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Confindustria Monza e Brianza

Confindustria Monza e Brianza

The client is Confindustria, the Italian Manufacturers’ Association that represents the needs and proposals of the Italian entrepreneurial system. The project relates to the historic office building of the regional office located in Monza.
The project is designed and implemented by Sering SRL with offices in Concorezzo led by Arch. Federico Pella.
This is a highly prestigious installation for the quantity of articles selected by the client. Most of the fixtures belong to the Design collection, and have been used to decorate the entrance hall, the lounge area on the first floor, and the management offices on the second floor. Particularly interesting is the custom-made chandelier positioned at the entrance, made of 100 pendants of glass held by a rigid stem to overcome potential issues related to the opening of the main door. In the lobby there were also architectural products belonging to the “Profili” series, presented in a “chop-stick” custom made combination. Every angle of the structure is made to measure according to the architect specifications, and the lighting flux is continuous along the whole composition.

Offices Monza,
Products Blanca, Blissy, Blow Mini, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nolita, Candle, Flat, Disco

Products used in the project

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