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Candiani Cinema

Candiani Cinema

Imagine a urban requalification project intended to recover an area penalized in the last years by the commercial offer rarefaction. This is the results of joint efforts of both private actors and the public management, which set up in Mestre (Italy) the Candiani Piazza, a wide pedestrian area in the core of town. The philosophy behind this recovery project is aimed at giving back its centrality in our lives to social, cultural and economic areas.
The cornerstone of the entire project is the multiplex cinema. It represents an innovative entertainment experience, thanks to the adoption of the technology of laser showing and its charming and futuristic architecture.
Panzeri, in order to perfectly match the engaging and stylish needs, has created a lighting proposal tailored to best enlighten the interiors and the exterior vault.
The profile XG2033 – the Brooklyn model – reaches its best splendor in a structure where the architectural constraints conditioned a lot the choice of lighting sources. Indeed the small sizes of the profile XG2033 made it possible to perfectly manage and install the lights as needed, giving to the architect an high power of customization (all the lines are different from each other). Furthermore, the characteristic milled cut guarantees an outstanding emission of light, dissipating easily the LED’s heat. The final effect is that of a light drawing the surrounding spaces in futuristic and innovative way.

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