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Inspirations: using AlDecimo in a creative way

Inspirations: using AlDecimo in a creative way


Ideas from art that rethink this wall lamp using your own imagination.

Your house is your own private space, the place of your habits. You should always keep this in mind when choosing it and decorating it. Observe its surface, the parting spaces between the rooms, the brightness: what atmosphere would you like to have?

The choice of furniture is certainly the starting point in the search for your own personal style, but only when it is the furniture itself that speaks harmoniously with the finishes of the walls, and when the light is designed to be integrated with originality in the rooms, that we can recreate the imagined atmosphere. A wall lamp like AlDecimo, for example, can inspire your imagination, because from the design of its light it opens up to endless possibilities, in order to create personalized and unique interiors.

AlDecimo plays with light: pressing the front panel changes the intensity. You can choose to close it for a thin light frame that delimits the outline of the square plate, or to open it for a diffused backlight on the wall.

AlDecimo is not just for lighting, it also opens up new creative solutions. You can paint or cover the surface of this lamp in order to better incorporate it with your interior design project.

The possibilities are all those that your imagination can suggest to create with a pure geometric shape like that of the square.

Imagine AlDecimo as an artist’s canvas, take inspiration from the works of Kazimir Malevich, the pioneer of geometric abstractionism and Russian avant-gardes.

Among his most famous works there are sequences of squares within squares.

Play with the colors, add a pattern, a shape or a frame around the lamp to create a new personal work of art. One you can admire on a wall, like a painting.

Check out the list of awards received by AlDecimo for its design.

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