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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Panzeri Carlo S.r.l. (hereinafter: "The Company" and / or "Panzeri"), registered office in Lissone (MB), address: via Mameli, n.11 – 20851 – ITALY, Data Controller pursuant to art. 28 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 for the processing of your personal data, please refer to this Social Media Policy. In connection with these processings, the Data Controller provides, inter alia, the following information.

This Social Media Policy ("Social Media Policy") should be read together with the Privacy Policy available in a separate document, in the Privacy section on the home page on the Internet at https://www.panzeri.it. This Social Media Policy has as its purpose to describe the standards of conduct that users should observe the use of the website and in the spaces activated by Panzeri on social technology platforms.


Panzeri uses the web and social technology platforms below ("Social Media") for general interest purposes, to communicate with users across the network, providing access to the services provided and to promote their activities. The "pages/social channels" are also used by the Data Controller to encourage participation, confrontation, dialogue with users in the context of transparency and sharing.


The site offers access doors to various Social Media (which may include without limitation the now famous Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). These services provide comment areas, bulletin boards and public forums. The contents are posted by the user and may include: communication on the activities and services provided by the owner, information about projects in the course of work, social events, images, and videos related to events organized by the Data Controller. On various pages/channels are activated services that respond to requests for information and assistance.
Using Social Media you agree the fact that the published data (including text, images, video) are freely visible to all and, therefore, the Data Controller cannot guarantee the "Privacy".

Comments and responses on Social Media

The goal of the Social Media services proposed by the Data Controller is to respond to requests made publicly in the pages / channels, forward them to the competent structures of the same in order to respond in a manner relevant. The response times may vary depending on the type of request.

Warning and Risks

The user is warned to pay attention to the opportunity, in their interventions, whether or not to enter personal data (including email address, phone number), which can reveal, even indirectly, the identity. The same trick applies to data considered "sensitive". It is also necessary to evaluate the opportunity to publish audio, photographic and videographic material that allows to identify people without asking their consent to the processing of personal data. You should also pay attention to the possibility of entering data into their own contributions which might reveal, even indirectly, the identity of a third party, such as, for example, other people accumunate the author of the post of the same pathology and human experience. Please note that the data and operations on can be made visible and publicly accessible by any network user who accesses the Site or Social Media, indexed and findable by search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Rules of Use

The various pages / channels where Panzeri is located on the various Social Media can be freely followed by all the attempts of the network, without requiring any authorization, which is why Panzeri advised to take caution about the dissemination of personal data (and sensitive data) when using these platforms. The terms of use and privacy policies applicable to these Social Media are published on their respective websites and regulate the information provided by the user. The Data Controller does not perform any form of control over the use of personal information disclosed in a public forum, comment area, making the user of these platforms the only responsible for any disclosure. The Data Controller hopes that all participants express their views (if possible) in the measure with accuracy, and for this reason will not be tolerated insults and vulgarities. Panzeri reserves the right to report to the managers of Social Media foul language, insults, threats, and attitudes that can invoke violence.

Privacy and personal data treatment

It should be noted that the processing of personal data of users respond to policy in use on platforms used (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Privacy in Social Media is guaranteed to the extent that the user is aware of how he is using the platform, the service and its potential. Nowadays it is a fact that the level of user awareness about the Social Media is extremely low. It follows that the information generated will be shared reality "voluntarily" by users, therefore, cannot complain about a possible violation of their personal sphere. What is most violated on the reputation of others, and when a judgment is expressed there is a risk that, if expressions are used "too strong" the user is called to answer for the crime of libel. Everyone has the right to speak and express their free opinion.

Any personal data submitted by other users are treated by Panzeri in compliance with regulations of Legislative Decree n.196/2003 and the provisions (particularly with regard to the purposes and methods of processing the data) in the Privacy Policy published on the website of Panzeri, in the Privacy section the user is required to watch before the Social Media Policy. Personal data are also published voluntarily by users and the treatment thereof by the Holder shall be made only to perform these services.

The Data Controller of the processing data is Panzeri Carlo S.r.l., address: via Mameli n.11 – 20851 – Lissone (MB) – ITALY, more information regarding the treatment and the communication of data provided directly or otherwise acquired may be obtained from the Data Processor of processing data, at the registered office of the Company. This notice does not of course exclude the possibility that other information is also given orally.

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