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Bertoloni Palace, Rome

Bertoloni Palace, Rome

The VStudio project stems from the client’s desire to transform residential premises into offices for a financial consultancy agency. It is a redistribution intervention within a historic building located in the prestigious Parioli district in Rome.

Being an elegant and highly representative context rich in detail, it was necessary to use a design lighting with minimal but elegant lines, which favored the cohesion between the contemporary furnishings and the historical character of the building.
Golden Ring by Panzeri has proved to be the perfect solution, thanks to the dual emission that allows you to illuminate the richly decorated ceilings and at the same time to allow adequate comfort of the workstations, ensuring 500lux lighting on the work surface.

The white finish was chosen for the multipurpose room, while for the more representative environments, such as the meeting room and the managerial office, Golden Ring with a gold leaf finish was chosen.

Uffici Rome

Des produits Golden Ring 
Production Edil SE.A.M. 
Photo par VSTUDIO 

Produits utilisés dans le projet

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