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Madliena House

Madliena House

The lighting design for the project, comprised of finding a good balance between the requirements of task lighting and the ambience created through soft general lighting.

Wherever possible general lighting was achieved from the ceiling, however additional lighting was required for certain tasks such as food preparation or dining.

Respectively, the architects had to be very selective when it came to designing with suspended light fixtures, keeping a fine balance between having elegant fittings that do not overcrowd the space.

The chosen light fittings, represent the geometry upon which they stand, all three working well with one another since all are experienced within the same space.

The Panzeri fittings were chose due to the material options and proportions that fit well within the space, whilst creating the desired atmosphere.

Residenziale Swieqi

Projet 3DM Architecture.
Des produits Golden Ring, Giano.

Produits utilisés dans le projet

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