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Town Hall of Waalre

Town Hall of Waalre

The project ‘Gemeenthuis Geldrop’ was a very intensive lighting study between the lighting designer and the architect. The Townhall is situated in a nature park and it was important to create an open natural environment.

The custom Golden Ring suspension lamp is situated above the main table of the council chamber. This round table with a diameter of 6 meters is accentuated beautifully with the Golden Ring in the same size.

Besides city council meetings the chamber is also used for weddings. The Golden Ring is dimmable to create the right atmosphere for these ceremonies is a perfect fit with the room and the architecture.

Spazi pubblici Waalre,

Projet Burobas Eindhoven.
Des produits Golden Ring.
Production PD Lighting Houten.
Photo par Bart van Overbeeke.

Produits utilisés dans le projet

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