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Lamps by Panzeri receive a Red Dot Design Award

Lamps by Panzeri receive a Red Dot Design Award


Once again, Panzeri has made its mark with two products at the latest Red Dot Design Awards ceremony by winning two awards in the Product Design category with its Bella and Firefly in the Sky lamps.

The Red Dot Product Design Award has existed since 1954 and is now a seal of excellence acknowledged worldwide for top-quality design and innovation. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, the panel of judges selected the winners from over 6,500 entries.

The award-winning lamps are two important examples of research by Panzeri that involves both contemporary aesthetic appeal and technological innovation, especially in terms of LEDs and their endless applications in interior decor.

Research has also led to the success of Bella (designed by Enzo Panzeri, 2019), where meticulous research into the miniaturisation of technology is at the heart of Bella’s extraordinary compactness. As small as it is efficient, Bella is a disc of light with a contemporary character, offering high performance in a compact space.

For Firefly in the Sky (designed by Matteo Thun, 2019), inspiration came instead from studying the classic shape of the table lamp. Light to move and with an innovative core, Firefly in the Sky is a battery-operated table and peg lamp ideal for outdoor environments, where tradition and innovation create the perfect balance. The peg lamp version allows you to light up greenery and paths, thus avoiding any restrictions regarding positioning or connection and minimising any impact on the environment.

“Our research has always moved in two directions: architectural lighting, in which the technological element plays a crucial role, and decor lighting, where the aesthetic and stylistic dimension prevails,” comments Federico Panzeri, the company’s General Sales Manager. “This new award proves that these two directions are not at all dissimilar and that, on the contrary, when they come together, truly excellent products are created. This award therefore reinforces our commitment to continue in this direction, strengthening constant interaction between our R&D department and our designers, who support us with their talent in this process of innovation.

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