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Video: Light and Shapes – A story by Panzeri and Matteo Thun

Video: Light and Shapes – A story by Panzeri and Matteo Thun


The video that invites change and simplicity, presenting the Firefly in the Sky and Tubino lamps.

On the occasion of Euroluce, Panzeri presented two products designed by Matteo Thun, an architect and a designer. ‘Light and Shapes’ is the video production that tells the story and the creative idea that led to the development of the lamps.

“Start with a single change.
It should be small; not a goal, but a first step, a beginning“.

Discovery, Curiosity and Growth: let’s talk about light without trivializing it. We transmit the importance that light has for us as a constant element in our lives, undoubtedly capable of changing them. Light interacts with us and with the objects that surround us, creates emotion and builds relationships.

“Look around: same places, but different.
Dark and bright and shadow and light will show new meanings”.

The light of Tubino and Firefly in the Sky invites us to act, to observe and to look, to search for new meanings both in light and in shadow.

“No shortcuts needed, nothing good has ever come out of them“.

This is the philosophy that gave birth to these new products, simplicity, essential and archetypal forms for two lamps with a minimal design that are intended to last for a long time.

“This is not about perfection, but it’s about simplicity.
Because everything has a crack and that’s how the light gets in.”

‘Light and Shapes’ is also the name of the catalog which, in addition to ‘Firefly in the sky’ and ‘Tubino’, contains all of Panzeri’s innovations for 2019.

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