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Panzeri teams up with Listone Giordano at the Arena Space in Milan

Panzeri teams up with Listone Giordano at the Arena Space in Milan


A new exhibition channel for the lighting company Panzeri, which inaugurates a partnership with Listone Giordano and introduces its collection of lamps and architectural systems at the Listone Giordano Arena in Milan, between Via San Damiano and Via Santa Cecilia.

Located in a historical building that hosted, in the 1930s, “La Penna D’Oca”, a restaurant of Futurist Cuisine designed by Giò Ponti, Arena was established not only as a showroom but also as a meeting place dedicated to important topics related to the world of design.

The outcome of meticulous restoration by the architect Michele De Lucchi, the space also includes other companies alongside Listone Giordano and Panzeri that share a passion for materials, such as Vaselli Marmi, Blueside and Matteo Brioni. In keeping with the historical nature of the location that hosts them, the shared goal of the various companies is to diffuse a design culture based on high-quality products and creative interaction with Italian and international designers and architects.

The participation of Panzeri will therefore result in a schedule of events and training based on the most current topics in lighting design and will involve many professionals in the sector. The company is an influential player in this field thanks to its continuous research at its R&D department, which combines traditional know-how with technological innovation.

Participating at the Arena confirms the strong bond between Panzeri and the city of Milan and highlights its belonging to a quality “Made in Italy” concept that focuses on development in terms of technology and projects.

The Arena is accessible from Via San Damiano 3 and Via Santa Cecilia 6.

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