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Latvian Shipping Company

Latvian Shipping Company

Classic and expressive interiors without losing intimacy and functionality. These are the guidelines of the new headquarters of the Vitol Group company (shipping company, LSC, LatrosTrans, Vitol Baltic), based on the eighth floor of the Place Eleven center in Riga.

The design of the offices has been awarded to the architects of OpenAD.

The old offices had become small because of the company’s growth therefore the management decided not to invest in the old building, but in a new and more modern office of 1,200 square meters.

The goal was to create all aspects of a quality environment. The company requested to guarantee equal comfort in the workplace. The smallest needs of the work team were also took into account: ergonomic tables, chairs, pleasant surroundings, high-quality materials, acoustics capable of influencing the office climate in general.

We used our Viisi suspension lamps to illuminate the relaxation area which integrate very well with the aesthetics of the whole office.

Uffici Riga,

Projet Latvian Shipping Company.
Des produits Viisi.
Production Architecture: OpenAD, Zane Tetere-Šulce, Dins Vecans.
Acoustics, furniture, and lights: Progetto SIA, Riga
Photo par Klavs Loris 2018.

Produits utilisés dans le projet

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