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Hwa Hun – Blooming House

Hwa Hun – Blooming House

In Korean, (“Hwa Hun”), the name of this home means “Blooming House.” It can be found in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, near the city’s “Bukhansan” mountain.

Its unique shape – an irregular polyhedron – serves to make the most of the use of the land. The architecture, which combines nature and the landscape, is in line with the context of the nearby mountain and satisfies the owner’s need to “live in nature.”

To make the most of the garden area, all external areas of this house are covered in green plants. There are different gardens, even vertical ones, that are all constantly in movement. Even all of the surfaces of the internal walls, except for those on the side of the street, are covered in green plants and fruit trees.

The furnishings inside the house are minimalist and almost seem to blend in with the geometric shape of the architecture. For the lighting in the kitchen, as a contrast to the square lines of the interiors, it was decided to opt for the soft, floral shape of the iconic Tutu suspension lamps.

Résidentiel Seoul
South Korea
Projet Iroje KHM Architects.
Produits utilisés Tutu.
Crédits photographiques Simone Pirrone.

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