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Panzeri for Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Panzeri for Elle Decor Grand Hotel


Panzeri lamps in the temporary hotel signed by Matteo Thun and Marco Bay.

For the fourth year running, Elle Doctor Italy follows in its research to find the latest trends in the hotels field with ‘Elle Decor Grand Hotel’, the temporary hotel made in Milan at Palazzo Morando. Panzeri will be ‘Decorative Lighting Partner’ of this iniziative by the side of the magazine that influences styles and models in the design world.

From the 4th to the 20th October, during Fall Design Week, the historical location in Milan Palazzo Morando sheds its skin and transforms into an exclusive design destination. The 2019 concept for the interior of Elle Decor Grand Hotel has been realized by Matteo Thun & Partners studio, who thought of a project-installment which investigates the issues of the hotel industry with an innovative vision of nature and of individual wellness.

– DESIGN THERAPY by Matteo Thun & Partners
Project-installation of a temporary hotel

To bring nature to the inside of the location, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. The approach to the design of Matteo Thun & Partners Studio is oriented to a healthy and sustainable architecture, promoting physical and mental wellness.

The concept of ‘Nature’s Kitchen’, for example, was born from the idea of recreating an organic space, in which the boundary between indoors and outdoors is erased by the continuity of green nature. Every detail has been thought through in order to give the visitor the sensation of being immersed in nature, sitting under a tree.

Therefore it was decided to use Bella to illuminate, designed by Enzo Panzeri in 2019.

Little discs of light that blend in perfectly with the “green” scenario. The minimal design and the bright profile emphasize the perception of suspension and lightness that was sought.

In the bedroom, one of the most important environments in the exhibition, we also find the floor lamp Tubino, designed for Panzeri by Matteo Thun as a response to a need for illumination in contract environment and with the ambition to create something simple that could withstand the test of time.

The outdoors project was instead signed by the architect and landscaper Marco Bay, who thought of a space that would be able to offer accessibility and comfort at the same time, ideal synthesis of the indoors.

The appointment with Elle Decor Grand Hotel is an occasion for Panzeri and Matteo Thun to work together again, sharing a vision and a project philosophy. At Eurolance 2019 they presented the lamps Firefly in the Sky and Tubino, essentially shaped illumination devices, designed to last a long time and to match the functionality need typical of restaurants and hotels.

The Panzeri lamps exhibited in the Elle Decor Grand Hotel are:
– Bella in the suspension lamp version
– Tubino in the floor lamp version

At Palazzo Morando during Fall Design Week 2019, from 4th October to 20th October, every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Free entrance.

Between the appointments involving Panzeri, Friday 18th October, at 6:30 p.m. is scheduled the Talk ‘Designing Light’, during which will be discussed the role of light as a crucial element in the research of wellness inside buildings.

It is possible to organize guided tours for groups of 20 at most (more details on the Elle Decor website).


In the exhibition’s storytelling, Pinterest will cover a crucial role. For the first time, the app of the popular social network will be used to create a digital guide to the Grand Hotel, with descriptions of every room and visualization of the exhibited objects, specifications of the model, brand and year of production. All that will be needed is to scan the personalised codes (‘Pincodes’) positioned throughout the exhibition path with the camera found in the search bar of the app.

The products exhibited can be purchased on the e-commerce platform Archiproducts.

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