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Soho Theatre

Soho Theatre

Malaga’s Soho theater was born from the personal desire of the actor Antonio Banderas to offer his hometown a space dedicated to culture and art.

Panzeri’s Gong was chosen for lighting the modern architecture project. It is a lamp with a strong identity and big dimensions, capable of giving a contemporary and elegant look to the rooms located on the different floors of the building.

The comfortable light emanating from Gong has been harmoniously integrated into the architectural project of Guillen Arquitectos and has proven to be an effective choice to meet the technical requirements of soft and indirect space lighting.

Spazi pubblici Malaga

Projekt Guillen Arquitectos
Produkte Gong
Erzeugung Illusion & BIG Architectural Lighting
Foto von Juanan Barros

Im Projekt verwendete Produkte

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